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Have You Ever Thought of Re-Gifting Flowers?

Being a local florist shop, Aileen at Daisy Chain is often asked – we can’t send flowers to a man… or can we? Well we have a great new concept … A Re-Gift Bouquet Recently, Jan a client of Daisy Chain, wanted to thank a male client of hers for referring a new client. She […]

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The Secret Healer on

Ladies, What’s Your Secret Weapon?

When I received the programme to the Empowerment event in the post, I nearly burst with excitement. Headlining keynote speaker The Secret Healer introduces her book Sales Strategies for Gentle Souls. Punching the air, it felt all my Christmases had come at once…and then I came crashing down to earth with a bump as reality […]

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Horizontal Help

All lines are endowed with their own set of image creating powers; from changing the way you appear physically to altering the impression you make on others. Like many things in life, what is taught in theory are not as black and white when applied to real life applications, and so it is with horizontal […]

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My friends house burned down last month

It sounds like the start of a joke doesn’t it? But no, it’s absolutely true and my goodness it has taught me a lot.  It’s been one of those months which made me really realise about how lucky I am, because one of my dearest friends had her house burn to the ground whilst she […]

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My Stockroom Has Never Smelt So Good!

You walk in there and your mouth waters at the fragrances of the Mind to Body Candles all merged together. I am basking in a waxy pina colada! I’ll let you in a secret now…. They look like candles, they act like candles….but they are not candles!!! These are aromatherapy products like you have never […]

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Ladies, how often do you take High Tea?

Such a quaint English custom! Dainty cakes, champagne and shopping! Shopping? Yep, shopping…this is the New Improved Version of Elegance.  At the end of this month I am exhibiting at the Perth High Tea Party at the Parmelia Hilton. I am so excited, I can’t wait to see you all there. Honestly I can’t think […]

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By Ariane Fashion event service at

Fashion + Shopping = Fun and $$$

Introducing By Ariane’s new fashion event service! Create a buzz for your company or charity with a tailor made fashion event. By offers full event co-ordination supplying clothes, models and I will even compere the event myself. Bring me some shoppers and I’ll raise you serious money for your cause. In May of this […]

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Executive Chic Delivered…We’ll Come to You!

In workplace, time is tight. Great work must be delivered yesterday and the importance of a highly motivated workforce is paramount. When productivity is high, how do you find time to give your key members a pat on the back? Taking the time to say “thanks” and “I notice you” plays an important part in […]

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Steve Waugh Foundation - Fundraiser in Sydney. Fashion Show by By Ariane.

What Does Steve Waugh Know About Fashion?

Probably as much as I know about cricket. Nothing! But it doesn’t matter. Whilst I have no idea of the difference between leg stump and a sticky wicket, I do know that Steve’s charity, the Steve Waugh foundation, does incredible work to help children with rare diseases. In May of this year By Ariane was asked […]

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HAIR Heavenly One Day, Horrid the Next

I laugh every time I see this cartoon; it so clearly depicts what women go through. Most women will admit to having experienced at least one bad hairstyle in their life. It’s disheartened and upsetting to end up with a style or colour that isn’t you, not what you were expecting or one that you […]

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