Don’t Hire A Stylist Until You Read This

It’s been said countless of times, but I’m going to say it again: You only have one chance to create a strong impression.

Those who grew up watching one of the most loved Disney classics (Cinderella) know that the above statement can’t get any truer. If you think about it, Charles Perrault (author) knew about the importance of a personal stylist long before the said profession emerged. In his case, it was the Fairy Godmother.

Cinderella's fairy godmother - By Ariane

Cinderella’s fairy godmother knew style!

The magical Fairy Godmother turned a bedraggled Cinderella into a breathtaking vision in a sparkling gown and glass slippers. Her new look captured the attention of the prince (and all the other mere mortals in the room) and the rest is history. Her new look and the confidence that came with it, changed young Cinderella’s life forever.

Going back to our topic, let’s do a bit of a Personal Stylist 101, shall we?

What is a Personal Stylist?

Most of you have probably read about stylists from glossy magazines or Hollywood gossip sites. After all, celebrities are the ones known to hire these people. Stylists are professionals who know how to make a person look amazing. They have extensive knowledge about style, latest trends and most importantly, have a keen eye for details. The last one’s innate.

What Do Professional Stylists Charge?

Well, it always boils down to their experience and clientele, but as a guide a seasoned stylist will charge on average $5,000 to $10,000. Per year? No… per job! Okay, I’ll give you time to breathe.

But if Rachel Zoe was able to transform Nicole Richie from the photo on the left to the image on the right, then I think Nicole got a pretty good deal don’t you?

rachel zoe nicole richie
Do I Need a Stylist?

Whether we like it or not, appearances impact greatly on how we are perceived. So if you have ambitions for climbing the corporate ladder, then take a look at your wardrobe. A recent report I watched on Today Tonight confirmed that employees who dress well, tend to get noticed more and have a higher chance of being promoted.

Another example –  two years ago, UBS AG (Swiss bank) created a 43-page dress code for its employees. It was worthy of being printed in Vogue however non-sartorial fiends found it confusing and over the top. But the Swiss bank knows the science of dressing and how important well-dressed employees are for their business reputation. The dress code stuck.

So do you need a stylist? Well it’s up to you. A professional stylist will go beyond merely creating an outfit. They will help you identify the types of outfits and clothing shapes you should be wearing based on your figure. They will help you hide any problem areas you may have and educate you on how to accentuate your best features. Stylists can also give advice on colour palettes to suit your complexion, so you only choose hues that highlight.

With this new knowledge, you will be able to march into any meeting with the confidence to conquer the world.

Can’t Justify $10,000?

You don’t need to. You can learn the tricks of the trade with My Private Stylist available here! It is an online professional style program tailored to your specific measurements and will will teach you how to be a style star without having to hire a personal stylist.

Ariane May, is the founder of By Ariane, a community for businesswomen who care about success, productivity, style and looking good. If you need help revolutionising your wardrobe take a look at My Private Stylist. Internationally acclaimed and available at By Ariane. My Private Stylist is on sale now and the best $69 you will ever spend.

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