Executive Chic Delivered…We’ll Come to You!

Executive Chic delivered

In workplace, time is tight. Great work must be delivered yesterday and the importance of a highly motivated workforce is paramount. When productivity is high, how do you find time to give your key members a pat on the back? Taking the time to say “thanks” and “I notice you” plays an important part in staff engagement in retention. Executive Chic Delivered by ByAriane.com is the perfect way to sign, seal and deliver the most personal thank you card.

Here’s what I offer:

• A lunchtime shopping event installed at your workplace.

• Browse some of Australia’s hottest lines at your leisure

• Massive discounts on our most popular lines laid out exclusively for your staff

• A personal gift for every attending lady.

• Luxury shopping without even leaving the building

• A chance to razz it up with the girls and have a great giggle to boot.

No need to work late, spend hours collating appraisal forms or one to ones, show our staff and clients how much you appreciate them by hosting an Executive Chic Delivered event for them! After all, it’s true what they say, actions speak louder than words.

How it works:

Think of me like your fairy godmother! You can be Cinders at the ball. Hell, feel free to even invite those two ugly sisters from accounts!

Fairy godmother

Let me know your wish of your dream shopping experience. From executive tailoring to stylish designer laptop bags, from elegant evening wear to sensuous candles, you tell me what message you want to put across and I’ll do the rest.

My pumpkin carriage of wonder (those who are not magical tell me it looks like a van!) arrives on your premises at 10 am and until 12pm. From their I will create you a fashion emporium of delights.

As the clock chimes midday, every woman flees from her desks, headed for a chance to find the perfect get up to bag the bigger and better clients. Browse the bargains and even take a chance to mould some of your staff towards a new improved executive look! As the clock strikes 2pm, just like magic the store will be gone. Not a crumb from the mice coachmen will remain. And whilst I cannot promise you glass slippers for successful feet, I feel sure the boardroom will be clicking with the sound of handmade stiletto leather shoes.

Cost : $300 which includes a personal gift for each attendee.

The productivity numbers speak for themselves:

In a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), staff were asked to rank factors in order of importance of their contribution to an employee feeling job satisfaction in their company. A massive 55% stated a good relationship with their immediate boss. 53% said communication between immediate employees and senior staff, whilst 49% rated recognition of their contribution as important. 47% ranked overall work culture and 38% said relationships with co-workers as their thing.

Executive Chic Delivered is a chance to engage with your staff on a different level, to open doors that often stay shut and to remove some of the blocks impeding your working relationship. But also it is a great deal of fun.

Think of the money you can save on gifts and your wardrobe not to mention lost sickness staff hours and recruitment costs for attrition. Contact ByAriane now by email at enquiries@byariane.com or on phone 0438 041 888 for investment lunchtime fun. For Sydney clients only at this stage. 


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