HAIR Heavenly One Day, Horrid the Next

I laugh every time I see this cartoon; it so clearly depicts what women go through.

Life cycle of a hairdo

Most women will admit to having experienced at least one bad hairstyle in their life. It’s disheartened and upsetting to end up with a style or colour that isn’t you, not what you were expecting or one that you find you can’t duplicate the next day.

Before going for a new hairstyle it’s important to have some idea of what you do, and do not want from a hairstyle and how much effort and product you are willing to employ to style it each day. Are you set on a certain length, colour, style or image?

If you take a little time beforehand to think about these things you will find yourself better prepared to explain what you want a stylist.

Next is to find a stylist who will give you a great cut. Just like every profession some are more skilled than others at performing certain tasks. Not every stylist is a good colourist and vica versa; and not every stylist is good at fine or very curly hair.

So, how do you find a the right stylist or colourist for you? I suggest you look around for people who have hair that appears to be similar to yours (e.g., thick, curly or fine), and have a hairstyle that appeals to you. Compliment them and ask them for the name of their stylist. Even if they are complete strangers they are likely to be flattered by your compliment and happy to oblige you with the information. If the hairstylist turns out to be expensive consider having them cut you hair every 6-12 months and have your regular stylist maintain it in between time.

Don’t fight against your natural type of hair

If your hair has tight curls, you can’t realistically expect straight hair without spending a lot of time and money to achieve and maintain the look. Neither can you have a thick head of curls if your hair is fine. Your stylist will help you determine your hair’s natural tenancies and develop a style that works with it.

Your hairstyle needs to be compatible with your clothing personality Your hairstyle

Take the time to consider the compatibility of your proposed new hairstyle to your wardrobe and personality. Dramatic, angled or highly stylised hairstyles will not work with classic, natural/sporty or romantic style garments. Your aim should be a pulled-together harmonious look, where your clothing, colouring, personality, hair and lifestyle all work together and feels comfortable being part of you.

Choose a hairstyle that compliments your face shape

Round faces can be made to appear less round with diagonal fringes, centre front parts and long lengths. Layers, wispy fringes, side parts and some height and width at the cheekbones flatter long faces. A face shape analysis (part of a colour or style consultation with an Image consultant) will allow you to know exactly what to look for in a hairstyle.

Consider your body’s scale

Sometimes I see full figured women who look like they have a tiny head on a big body. Your hairstyle should be balanced with your body’s proportions. Likewise a big hairstyle on a small woman will look strange. Too often a stylist overlooks this and while you are sitting in their chair you are seeing yourself only from the waist up; when you stand and see that too much has been cut off it’s too late.

To gain balance: If you are small framed, light in weight and short in stature, go for small to medium sized styles. If you are tall, have no weight problems and are small to medium framed you can wear any size style. If you are medium to tall and have a large bone structure and are medium to slightly overweight go for medium to large styles and if you are any height or bone structure but are full figured go for medium sized styles to create balance and harmony.

Think short and sweet

Medium to short hair suits good most all woman and it lengthens the neck, makes you appear taller, slims the upper torso and can melt years off a mature face. To be clear I mean hair that is shoulder length or shorter.

Be careful not to be caught looking out of date

Fashion changes hairstyles constantly and while some styles survive the tide of time, colour and subtle changes will occur, so stay alert and in style.

A style that suited you once may now be ageing you

Ask yourself, am I wearing this style because it looks good now, or because it looked good when I was … years old? With time our faces change shape and our skin ages. Something that suited you a few years ago may not look as good on you today. Try to look at yourself as though through someone else’s eyes or ask the opinion of a friend, trusted stylist or image consultant.

Go for minimal care hairstyles

If you are spending more than 20 minutes each morning doing your hair, then maybe it’s time for a new style. Most women have enough things to do in a day without spending an hour each morning in the bathroom.

Get your ideas across clearly

Many of us have experienced the phenomena I call ‘Warped Information Transfer’. This happens when the information that comes out of our mouth and enters the stylist’s ears and is warped in the translation resulting in a hairstyle that is nothing like what you described. Stylists are creative individuals and therefore often also very visual, so I suggest you spend a few weeks collecting hairstyles that you like and which meet your face shape and lifestyle needs. Paste these onto a large sheet of paper or save the links to your phone or tablet. Then when you have at least 20 samples of styles you like, you can take these to the stylist and this will give him/her a much better idea of what you want and all they then have to do is suggest the style that will most suit your hair type.

Get your ideas across clearly

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