Have You Ever Thought of Re-Gifting Flowers?

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Being a local florist shop, Aileen at Daisy Chain is often asked – we can’t send flowers to a man… or can we?

Well we have a great new concept …

A Re-Gift Bouquet

Recently, Jan a client of Daisy Chain, wanted to thank a male client of hers for referring a new client. She was not sure if he liked wine, felt that a fruit basket was inadequate, and a teddy bear somewhat inappropriate. What she really wanted to send was a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but this might not seem altogether fitting to send to a man, either.

The solution that we came to for Jan was to send a bunch of flowers to the male client that could then be “re-gifted” to his wife. Thus, the “re-gift bouquet” is born.

The way it works is very simple…

Jan sends Alexander a bouquet, with a card saying:

“Hi Alex, thanks for referring Peter to us. Feel free to ‘re-gift’ this gorgeous bunch of flowers as a special treat for your wife.



We then attached a blank card for Alex to write a sweet love note to his wife. Alex gets “brownie points” from his wife – and everyone is happy.

This gift giving strategy does require that you have a bit of background knowledge of your recipient. You would not want to make a social faux pas by sending a re-gift bouquet that mentions a wife to a man who is not married, for example.

Depending upon the gentleman who will be receiving your bouquet, you can tailor the message to be more fitting. This flower re-gifting strategy can be used when your recipient has any special lady in his life that he would enjoy giving flowers to, whether that lady is a wife, daughter, girlfriend or mother.


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