Junk Food Addict Babies

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Everything you put into your body has an effect of one kind or another. Of course, you know this because when you eat right you feel good. When you eat junk food, you probably do not feel as energetic, sharp, and healthy.

How much thought have you given junk foods? Are they something on the “no” list, an occasional indulgence, or are they a daily part of your life? No matter what your personal relationship with junk food may be, you should be aware of why it tastes so good and the impact it has on babies.

A Tip of the Hat and Wag of the Finger for “Big Food”

Emma Alberici interviewed Michael Moss, the author of Salt Sugar Fat . During the interview, Mr. Moss offered “Big Food” a tip of the hat, and a wag of the finger.

He tipped his hat by saying his research has not caused him to “…view the processed food industry as this evil empire…” but wagged his finger as he explained how his research revealed how the food industry’s quest for higher profits has led to an excess of sugar, salt, and fat in processed foods.

Designed to Sell

His book outlines his research and share behind the scenes insights into how many of our favourite junk foods are manufactured and marketed to us. Mr. Moss acknowledged throughout the interview that the food industry is well aware of the fact that we have a hard time resisting sugar, salt, and fats in the foods we eat.

Manufacturers all around the world, including Australia, continue to seek an addictive balance between sugar, salt, and fat in the foods they sell – all in the name of increasing profits and market share.

He also pointed out that manufacturers battle for product placement on market shelves. Foods merchandised at eye level are those that have the highest amounts of these “craveable” ingredients.

He almost sympathises with the food companies. He does not feel that companies are malicious in their intent to hook us on junk foods but that they are forced to do it to maintain company value. The minute they start reducing sugar, salt, and fat in their foods, they see sales plummet. Traders are not exactly telling Big Food it is okay to sell less in exchange for improving public health.

Junk Food Addiction is Real

During the interview, Mr. Moss hesitated to use the word addiction to describe how people respond to junk foods, but a recent study about pregnant women and their babies indicates that junk food addiction can be passed from parent to child. The study was conducted by the FOODplus Research Centre in Adelaide.

The study revealed disturbing evidence that pregnant women who ate a lot of junk foods were more likely to initiate an addiction in the infant by desensitising the opioid pathway. It is a similar phenomenon to what happens when the mother consumes drugs or alcohol during pregnancy.

Anything that does harm to a baby certainly does harm to an adult. If food manufacturers are purposely loading foods with sugar, salt, fat (not to mention chemicals) and it is causing addiction in infants, perhaps it is time we all put down the chips and started snacking on fruits and veggies at our desks.

Pulitzer Prize winning Author Michael Moss

To obtain a copy of Pulitzer Prize Winning author, Michael Moss’s book “Salt Sugar Fat”, go to http://michaelmossbooks.com/.

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