Ladies, What’s Your Secret Weapon?

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When I received the programme to the Empowerment event in the post, I nearly burst with excitement. Headlining keynote speaker The Secret Healer introduces her book Sales Strategies for Gentle Souls. Punching the air, it felt all my Christmases had come at once…and then I came crashing down to earth with a bump as reality set in. What in all that is good and pure would I wear?

Encouragingly, I had the outfit in mind. Well, that is: the bag at least. At last, an excuse to buy that gorgeous cherry red patent laptop bag. I grabbed my keys and ran top pelt to the doctor’s surgery. The problem you see is I have the memory of a sieve and I could not remember the supplier’s name. What I could remember is the two hour wait had led me to peruse Vogue’s Must Have Gifts. And yes, I must have!

At first I felt sick with despair that some lovely old dear may have nicked it, but no, there it was dishevelled, festering under a chair. Desperately I flicked the magazine, and there smiling from the pages was the best laptop bag I had ever seen. Like the Gollum I stoked the ad….precious!…no sooner than I was home than the mouse went click! That’s it, you are now the owner of the worlds best laptop bag and it’s too late to change your mind no matter what the cost!

But then the thoughts started to rumble and tumble and I realised in the hills of Shropshire there is nowhere to buy shoes good enough to do justice to a bag like that, so I searched a little further and then, ladies I fell in lurve! All manner of sensibilities cast aside I clicked again on the shoes which were fated to change my destiny in life. I was sure of that. How could there ever be a mundane moment again with shiny shoes like that in my closet. The Jaspa King “California” darlings had 12.5cm heels, 2.5 cm platform, gleaming black patent leather and are completely handmade (sadly not by elves!)What could possibly go wrong? Click, click…sold. Credit card statement be damned.

California Black Patent from JaspaKing available on

California Black Patent from JaspaKing available on


It was a close shave for delivery from Oz, and when they arrived the day before I was about to board the train, I thought I would die with relief. So with all the care of a toddler on Christmas day, I ripped the packaging off. And then I thought I would cry…my beautiful shoes and bag.

You should have a little background for those who do not know me. I’m not a naturally confident person; in fact I am very shy, but equipped with my tools I can pass as a pretty assured human being. Let me talk you though my box of tricks. Fabulous office shoes are a must. At 5 foot 2ins I need every inch I can get. What’s more I have found through a very misspent hour playing on the BMI calculator, I am exactly my ideal weight…if I was 11ft 6! Heels help, if only to stop me talking to everyone else’s breasts! What I do have though is a cracking pair of legs. Years of ballet shaped them as a child and they can still turn a few heads. I have a deeply rooted belief in what others might call foundation underwear, but see more as scaffolding and I don’t go anywhere without conveying my message to the world via a really great bag. What you should also know is if something bad is going to happen, it is going to happen to me!

When I reached the hotel, I could not wait to open my case and stroke the precious one and the shiny shoes all over again. Imagine my horror when I opened it to find all my Chanel shower gel had leaked all over my case! Oh well, at least I smelled nice!

So, when I finally come to power dress for my moment of knock-them-dead-with-my beautiful-bag glory, I assembled my outfit carefully. First hoiking my famous majestic mammories into their wonderbra a good 50cm from their resting position, and then with my somewhat over washed magic pants donned, I appraised the indubitable sight in the mirror. If David Beckham could only see me now, he would hardly be able to contain himself (laughing, that is). With the unruly red locks semi-tamed and the shower gel pretty much washed out of my frock…I headed for the conference.

Deep breath, and again, calm, calm, you have good things to say. Mingle ,mingle, you can do this…

Sashaying across the room, gliding on my 2.5 inch platform, the wiggle works just right. The red bag tells the tale against my black dress of a girl with excitement at her edge. Head up, hip, hip, swing the bag, that’s it, work it girl. Oh hell, someone’s coming to speak to me…smile…

I put out my hand and introduce myself Elizabeth Ashley, I am The Secret Healer..

The woman with Sophie on her badge says. “If your book can teach me how to sell enough to buy shoes like that, put me down for two!”


Isn’t it just the way that you always focus on the bad, and out of 18 ladies, I had 17 pre-orders for my book. Wondering what I would have done to close the last one, I noticed her scratching around in her bag. (Not a stylish laptop bag to write home about in normal circumstances, you understand…).She hurried over and thrust safety pins in my hand hissing in my ear, “put me down for a copy and did you know your dress seam had come apart at the back?”

Of course it had!

Still…my secret weapon girls… great shoes, fantastic bag = 100% sales conversion. You know what they say…it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it!

Elizabeth Ashley is a natural world “writer for hire”. Qualifying as a Clinical Aromatherapist right at the beginning of the natural healing explosion in 93, she then established herself in the sales industry to learn exactly what makes people buy. Her sales and marketing experience coupled with her deep healing knowledge make for a unique melting pot of skills. The ghostwriter of 7 Amazon natural healing bestsellers, she is one of the most sought after complementary medicine writers globally. In short, she is one of the most successful writers you have never heard of! The Secret Healer lurks in the shadows. Feel free to whisper her any missions you may need here.

In September ’14 though, she has an appointment with fame. With the release of 15 books to help complementary therapists build and grow their businesses she aims to put natural healing squarely on the map. Specifically targeting what she calls “gentle souls”, she shows them how to identify key market areas and the sell solutions which leave the competition smarting in their wake.

The first book to become available is The Secret Healers Sales Strategies for Gentle Souls. Although written with aromatherapists in mind, any person looking to improve their sales skills will love this book. Full of tips on how to telesell fast and efficiently, ways to kick down the doors of big corporations in stilettos and most importantly to close EVERY possible sale. Like her page here the heads up on Amazon pre-order from June 29th



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