My friends house burned down last month


It sounds like the start of a joke doesn’t it? But no, it’s absolutely true and my goodness it has taught me a lot.  It’s been one of those months which made me really realise about how lucky I am, because one of my dearest friends had her house burn to the ground whilst she and her children sat unawares watching TV. You know, I have all these emails come through to my inbox telling me about abundant life and I need to be grateful for what I have. Last month, I got to understand what that really means.

Renna Danelutti makes the gorgeous Mind to Body candles I sell through By Ariane. She’s just like champagne, you know, always bubbly beautiful and lovely to be around. She is one of the most kind-hearted, generous and diligent people I know. She recently had a baby Emily, who was born with a heart defect and has been undergoing surgery so she already had a lot on her plate. One night, early last month, Renna’s husband had been working away and so she and her two youngest daughters were bundled up together in the living room. Little did she know, in her ceiling, a sinister fire was beginning to burn; an electrical fault sparked, smouldered and then gathered momentum. The smoke alarm went off and the dog went wild. Thanks to canine bravery, everyone got out of the house unharmed. The house however, is gone.

From the ashes of her life, Renna and I have watched the phoenix of human goodness rise. You think the news is full of sadness, violence and despair? Just take a look at this, I was so moved by what people have done. Click on the image or link below:

News report - Renna Danelutti

Clearly, her stock must have been way down her list of treasures lost, but luckily some of her candles were unaffected by smoke and heat. Collecting together those last remnants of her old life was a very poignant and moving thing to me, but I am determined we get them sold. If ever a business needs to get up off its knees, this is the one.

My stall at the High Tea Party at the Parmelia Hilton Hotel in Perth (August 30 and 31st ) will be stacked tall with them.  Please do come along, it’s so great to put faces to names. Tickets for High Tea are all sold out but you can wander around the stalls and be pampered for FREE. We’ll raise a glass of champers to sisterhood and I’ll show you around the stock. The High Tea party is a show no girl should ever miss.

So, in a mood, quietly inspired by the strength of whom we can be and what we can be capable of when things are harder than hard, I wish you power.

And with sincerest gratitude to all of you who read and reply to my emails. I wish you a really great month.

For more details about the High Tea Party event series check out their website: If you would like to help Renna and her family, you can contact her via our email and your message will be passed on. 


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