What Kind Of Business Will I Start?

The timing is perfect. Now is the time when people are open to other opportunities to earn and to succeed. Gone are the days when you are limited to work only within your chosen profession or degree in school. Employment is no longer as stable as it used to be and job security is not […]

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Diet and Exercise: Debunking Myths

If you have been trying to lose weight for such a long time and it seems like nothing is happening, perhaps you’re doing something wrong. Thanks to those typical fad-laden practices that have been circulating around women TV gossip shows and magazines, you probably have been eating and exercising for nothing. Here are the top […]

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Mindful Dressing

Candice Boshoff asked the following question after reading one of my Facebook posts. “I would like to know, how one should choose your outfit in the morning? Do you start with your pants? or top and base everything around the top? Where does one start. Would please give advice on this. The Post: Have you […]

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Feet Up

Woman’s Guide to Winning in Business

Gone are the days when women are expected to stay home, take care of the baby, and make sure the dinner is ready before the husband comes home. These days, more and more women are making it big in the corporate and business world. Not only that; these executive women are learning how to balance […]

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These Natural Cellulite Cures Really Work

If you have been thinking that you should go forlaser treatment to get rid of the ugly cellulite that has always been there on your thighs, hold that thought. You may not have to spend that much and get a scar just so you can start wearing shorts again. Here are some natural cellulite cures […]

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How to Keep Your Sanity Intact

For a lot of successful women, experiencing executive stress is part and parcel of their work lives. Dealing with insubordinate staff, difficult clients, stubborn senior management, and countless other problems are just some of the crises they face every single working day. The good news is that these business women are pretty much adept at […]

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professional makeover-By Ariane

Is Your Dress Sense Crippling Your Career?

It’s true, most of us are blessed to live in a country where we are free to wear whatever we choose. But with that freedom comes the responsibility of knowing what’s appropriate for the job we are blessed to have. Disregard the silent cultural dress codes and you may find yourself considering self employment. I’ll […]

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Health Mistakes Women Make

Successful women are seen to be those women that make smart decisions – they know how to be independent financially, and they know how to take care of themselves. However, women unknowingly do certain things that are actually quite unhealthy. If you are a woman with a very active lifestyle, here are some things that […]

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Discovering the Power in You

How You, Too, Can Achieve Success at Work Want to know the secrets of successful women? Take a look at some of them below! They don’t let the glass ceiling affect their work. In fact, some have harnessed the glass ceiling by making it their motivation to become better at what they do. They know […]

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Breaking Barriers: Women Can Rule The World

Women are fortunate to be living in an era where gender equality is near perfect balance. However, even with women’s lib and the likes of Oprah and Cosmopolitan magazine urging women to fight for their rights and encouraging them that women are indeed the superior sex, a certain kind of glass ceiling still exists: in […]

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