The New Femininity: Laser Cuts


Laser cut-outs have been showing up more and more on runways from Sydney to Milan, and with good reason. They’re a fresh re-interpretation of lace; the same ladylike feel, but with an edge that’s more modern and industrial.

It’s also more flattering than traditional lace, which can be frothy and bulkifying, or worse, too sheer to be truly office appropriate. Laser cut details, on the other hand, tend to appear at necklines, hemlines and sleeves, in solid cotton-blend fabrics that are lightweight but opaque. No fear of show-through here! And because they lay flat against the body, they give a slimmer overall silhouette, too.

This summer, we’re seeing the detail in an array of juicy colors: incandescent yellow, limes, peach hues and powdery mints, to name a few, perfect for revitalizing your looks with a simple blouse or skirt. There are also a number of accessories to try the trend out on, from jewelry to pumps and belts, if you’d rather not try it on clothing. This very wearable trend is youthful without being over the top, and is a bit flirty as well, without trying too hard. It’s another creative option for warm weather dressing, and because of its subtlety, I foresee it sticking around for a bit, so don’t be afraid to invest in higher quality pieces.

Have you tried it out yet?

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