The Top 7 Industries for Women

When I researched the topic “top industries for women”, I continued to receive alarming news: according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, women working on a full-time basis in the country earn 16 per cent less than men, and here in the United States women still only make 81 percent of what is earned by our male counterparts. The statistics are worse in smaller, less-developed countries.

However, women are able to earn more when we can identify the best places to work. What follows is a list of the top seven industries for women; you will soon discover where to break those glass ceilings.

1. STEM – Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering

While women are still underrepresented in this industry, the growth of technology and “green” jobs make STEM fields a great way to succeed while using your talents. By standing out as one of a few in a STEM field, you will be able to make an impressive mark while inspiring other women.

2. Healthcare

This booming industry has been dominated by women for many years. As medical treatment experiences technological advances, there is a need to have more management and staff to care for patients. With a growing world population and people living longer, health care will remain an important, thriving industry.

3. Public Relations

What was once ran primarily by men, public relations shows substantial growth for women executives. Our intuition allows us to know what clients need to build their brands. Many women are launching their own public relations agencies, which allow in many cases the option to work from home.

4. Education / Educational Services

While teaching has always been comprised of women, the educational field offers an array of high-ranking positions, from college professors to online facilitators. With more universities earning online teaching accreditation, there will be a growing need for administrators to regulate web-based classrooms.

5. Career Placement / Human Resources

Women are amazing “people-persons.” Our knack for being social helps us in helping others to find and retain work. From hiring to benefits management, employment opportunities in the human resource industry will only increase as the unemployment rate is beginning to decrease.

6. Accounting

Although the industry is still dominated by men, women are finding great careers in the accounting field due to our strong organisational skills. With attention to detail, women are able to manage income tax records, financial reporting and other related jobs.

7. Social Services

Our willingness to help others has landed us in government and non-profit offices, as social services professionals. Consequently, there is a rising need for executives (mostly made up of women, too!) to oversee programs to ensure that clients are receiving assistance. This field has been female-dominated for many years.

Industries like social services and education have always been kind to working women, but my research reveals that we are also finding success in jobs where men are more prevalent. By using the skill set you already have – in some cases you’ll need an advanced college degree – you can secure a future in one of several booming industries. Find a mentor in your field of choice to show you how to make your next career move.

Which industries do you feel are best-represented by women?

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