What is the Point of Guest Blogging?

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You hardly have time to write entries for your own blog – why make the time to write content for someone else? The benefits of contributing to other blogs go well beyond what you may expect.

Generating Traffic to Your Site

The most obvious benefit of contributing to a blog is to guide people back to your site. You do not want to use sales language or make your entry sound like an advertisement, but you can let people know where they can find you in the future. If people like what you have to say, there is a chance that they will visit your site or online store.

Networking with Leaders of Your Industry

It is always valuable to build strong relationships with others in your field. Instead of thinking of them as your competition, think of them as people with which you can learn and grow. The websites that you write for will learn that they can trust you, and refer readers to you when it is appropriate.

Guest blogging could potentially lead to affiliate marketing opportunities. This works especially well if the products, information or services you and the other site offer compliment one another. During cross-promotional marketing campaigns, you introduce their audience to what you have to offer and vice versa.

Proving that You Are an Expert

Whether you are promoting your own business, or if you are simply serious about blogging, it is important that you find and dominate a niche. This means proving that you are the voice of authority on a given subject.

Why is this important? Well, once you prove that you are an expert on a given topic, people are going to have an incentive to find you when they need help or answers regarding that subject.

If you consistently provide valuable contributing blogs on hair styling, for example, people are going to remember this later. When they have a hair styling problem, they will know they can turn to you, and your blog, for reliable advice. Building this sense of trust with the public is invaluable to a website or a business.

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